The Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

September 24, 2014

Start Your Day with a Healthy Glass of Carrot Juice

Juice from carrots has numerous health benefits.   Carrots contain one of the most beneficial vitamins and ant-oxidant, and that is vitamin A.  Vitamin A has many health benefits.  Juicing carrots, along with other vegetables is a great way to reap the benefits of this tasty vegetable.

Infants benefit greatly by consuming carrots during the early part of their lives, this is a very important way they get vitamin A.  When carrot juice is consumed along with milk, the absorption of carotene in vitamin A is greatly increased.  Hence this is a great source of vitamins for growing babies.

Carrots are widely consumed around the world.  It is estimated that carrots account for 10% of the vegetables consumed in Germany.  Of course you want to juice the best carrots with the best color, this usually indicates that the carrots have more vitamins and minerals and carotene, which in turn is more nutritionally healthy for you.

Generally, carrots that are low in carotene tend to be pale in color.  Carotene is not water soluble, so stored carrots do not usually lose much of their nutritional value.

Eating carrots while nursing is a great way to get vitamin A and carotene to your baby.  Carrots are a great snack too, even though a single carrot may not provide a full days quota of vitamin A, it only has 50 calories and is much healthier than sugary snacks.  Juicing carrots are also a great treat.  Juice from carrots tends to be sweet and don’t require adding any additional fruit.

The first medicines used by early Greeks was found to be the juice of carrots. The juice from a carrot is one of the most delicious and healthful of all vegetables, either eaten raw and alone or juiced with other vegetables and fruits, it should be part of your daily diet because of its essential vitamin A

Carrots can be juiced equally well with both a centrifugal and masticating juicer.  Though carrots are probably best juiced with a masticating juicer.  You can check out reviews of both masticating and centrifugal juicers on

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