The Best Rated Juicers

September 12, 2013

Juice machines have advanced in a lot of ways and are typically obtainable at local shops and online. Juicers many vary in their prices, characteristics, motor power and functions. In the event that you’re planning to assess juice machine reviews on-line, you will definitely find juicer ratings which vary according to who is grading the appliances. With regard to you being equipped to better evaluate any item, of course you will need to try it out first. Just what are these evaluators seeking before they provide reviews for a machine? In this particular situation, an assessment of the best juicer.

Motor – The juicer motor is important considering that the separation of the produce into juice will depend on it. The stronger the electric motor is, the more effective and swifter it has the chance to produce more juice.

Stableness – The last you will want while producing you special concoction of juice is to disperse everything over your kitchen’s counter top, most unfortunate on your clothing and face. A juicer that is stable and doesn’t move around while juicing is best.

Price – Just because a juicer is expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best juicer.  You will want to evaluate the juicer yourself, or read reviews online.  I find that Amazon always has good reviews for appliances.  However, in most cases you do get what you pay for.

Easy cleanup – A Juicer should be easy to disassemble and clean, ideally the parts should also be dishwasher safe.  If the juicer is difficult to clean you aren’t going to be motivated to juice.

Pulp Ejection – Usually when juicing you will want all the pulp to be ejected.  You may not want any pulp ending up in your juice.  The excess pulp can be used for recipes or in the garden as compost.

Best Rated Juicers

The Waring JE2000 Heavy Duty Juice Extractor is highly priced juicer with a price around $2000. It is a very efficient juicer and will provide the best flavored juice with the most nutrients and vitamins.  The Waring is also one of the highest rated juicers, however, you can obtain a juicer that is 95% as good for a lot less money.

waring juicer


Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain is a highly rated juicer available on Amazon.  It is a centrifugal juicer that usually costs under $200.

Breville juicer

There are many brands and models of juicers available for sale.  The Omega and Breville machines consistently get high ratings for all their models at many online retailers. I personally think the Super Angel line of juicers is one of the top juicers, the price is a little higher than the Breville or Omega juicers, but less than the Waring.

There are many different types of juicers. Most of the Breville’s machines are centrifugal, though they have also started making Masticating types. The Omega line is Masticating. Despite the differences all the machines are effective at general juicing tasks, some are more effective at juicing certain types of produce.   They all produce juice with the vitamins and minerals you need. The higher speed centrifugal  juicers tend to heat up more and this heat can cause damage to the nutrients in the juice. A lower speed masticating juicer may be best so you get the most from your produce.

A juicer is a personal preference, but one thing is for sure, once you start, you will be on the road to a more healthy existence.

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